Little Learners: simple and fun holiday cards your kiddos will LOVE to make

Simple crafts like the one below are a fun easy way to keep your kiddos entertained on those blustery winter days. The Christmas Tree Card below will help to teach your kid creativity, and fine motor skills and also makes a great Christmas card or gift for loved ones or art to hang on the fridge!

Lets Get Started!


  • Construction Paper: Green, Brown, and whatever background color they would like
  • Glue sticks/Glue
  • Child safe scissors
  • Fun add-ons: jewels, jingle bells, buttons, etc
  • Glitter
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Crayons or markers


Let’s Make it!

  1. Have your kiddos pick the color of background they would like.
  2. Then have them draw a big triangle on green paper, help them cut the tree into strips. Cut out a trunk from the brown paper.
  3. Next they can work their fine motor skills by gluing the back of each strip of green paper and gluing them on their paper leaving a little space in between each section before gluing down the trunk. (This is also a wonderful opportunity to teach size comparison and shapes!20181129_103557
  4. Don’t forget to draw the star on top!
  5. Now comes the fun part – your kids can decorate the Christmas Trees with whatever fun they would like such as jewels, buttons, tinsel, jingle bells! Let them be creative and work their fine motor skills to place and glue their decorations.20181129_103843.jpg
  6. We finished off our Holiday Tree cards by making glitter snow on the bottom of our tree and placing cute little squares or wrapping paper with bows on for presents! 20181129_104845.jpg
  7. Have them write a cute note to Grandma and Grandpa or just hang it on the fridge for a little extra festive cheer.

Simple crafts like these are a great way to boosts a child’s creativity and confidence as well as work their fine motor skills.

This craft and much more can be made at the Children’s Museum of La Crosse in the Little Learners Program every Thursday at 10:30 am. 

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